What is your favorite type of first date?
Dinner and dancing
Dinner and movie
Sports activity
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Built to Last: Advice for Strengthening Your Relationship

What is it about certain relationships that make them stand the test of time? Obviously love and attraction are important, but many couples that care...

The Dreaded Friend Zone

Many people have been to the dreaded friend zone. If you are placed in the friend zone by someone you adore, feelings can be hurt and tensions can fla...

Tips for Online Dating

Once you have decided that it may be time to start dating or search for a partner, you may consider the options on how to meet potential matches that...

What Kind Of Relationship Attachment Do You Have?

Every relationship is different, but the best relationship experts have come up with three ways in which people “attach” in a relationship. It is cal...

Relationship Rules to Break

Have you ever heard of relationship rules? I am sure that every person has heard of some kind of “rule” related to relationships, such as always tell...

When Is It Finally Time To Say Goodbye In A Relationship?

I think most people can agree with the fact that sometimes relationships are just plain hard. Sure, the first few months or years work out wonderfull...

Should You Wait for Your Partner?

Many people have experienced the person who is just not available. Whether it is physically or emotionally unavailable, these people tend to ask the o...

Keys To Rebuilding A Relationship

Chances are that if you’re in a relationship, you’ll have times of conflict and maybe even complete breakdown. Do you know how to handle such situati...

Cure Loneliness With New Friends

Loneliness is one of the top complaints of adults in our nation and many single people long for an intimate relationship or a good friend. It seems t...

If You Love Someone, Then Serve Them

Love is an interesting word and there are so many definitions for it. Love is perhaps one of the most common topics around the world because so many p...

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