What is your favorite type of first date?
Dinner and dancing
Dinner and movie
Sports activity
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Go Ahead And Be Sexy

Have you heard the song “I’m Sexy And I Know It?” It’s kind of catchy and comical at the same time. Do you ever wish you would come across as sexy w...

Marriage and Dating Ideas

The average married couple does not plan dates like they would have before their marriage. With the stresses of everyday life, dates become less of a...

Top Reasons Men Won’t Commit

If you’re wondering why some men have a difficult time committing to a relationship or marriage, you’ve come to the right place. It’s no secret that...

Tips for Overcoming the Pain of a Breakup

Codependency means always having the need to either be in control or be with someone. Codependency in relationships can lead to a very unhealthy relat...

How to Stop Fighting in Relationships

Arguing and fighting in relationships is inevitable. Arguing is a part of human nature and happens not only couples, but most people in any kind of re...

If You Want To Be Loved, Give Love

Everyone wants to genuinely be loved, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like you are loved very much. Maybe you’ve been through a tough relationship...

Break Free From Destructive Relationships

With the divorce rate hovering around 50%, it’s safe to assume that there are some destructive relationship dynamics going on in many relationships....

When Is It Finally Time To Say Goodbye In A Relationship?

I think most people can agree with the fact that sometimes relationships are just plain hard. Sure, the first few months or years work out wonderfull...

Relationships Involve More Than Love

There are many men and women who really want to go through life sharing love and laughter with a partner. In fact, many single people day dream plent...

Rekindle the Fire in Your Marriage

After time, relationships tend to die down and become harder and harder to maintain. Known as the “honeymoon phase”, the beginning of relationships is...

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