What is your favorite type of first date?
Dinner and dancing
Dinner and movie
Sports activity
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Cure Loneliness With New Friends

Loneliness is one of the top complaints of adults in our nation and many single people long for an intimate relationship or a good friend. It seems t...

What Kind Of Relationship Attachment Do You Have?

Every relationship is different, but the best relationship experts have come up with three ways in which people “attach” in a relationship. It is cal...

Built to Last: Advice for Strengthening Your Relationship

What is it about certain relationships that make them stand the test of time? Obviously love and attraction are important, but many couples that care...

Do You Need A Man To Feel Complete?

If you’re a woman who thinks she needs a man in order to feel complete, then I advise you to read this article. It can be a wonderful thing to partne...

Anniversary Ideas

Anniversaries are something special and should be celebrated. Whether you have been dating for 6 months, dating for 2 years, or have made it to your f...

Relationships Involve More Than Love

There are many men and women who really want to go through life sharing love and laughter with a partner. In fact, many single people day dream plent...

The Importance Of Listening To Your Partner’s Concerns

If you talk to relationship therapists, they will probably tell you that one of the top 3 problems in relationship problems is lack of communication s...

Relationships and Jealousy

Jealousy can be the cause of an unhealthy relationship or the reason why a relationship has ended. A healthy relationship not struggle with jealousy i...

5 Ways To Get More Attention From Men

Do you ever feel like your man doesn’t give you enough attention? Is he too busy with other things? Are you feeling frustrated with little hope? I und...

Tips for Overcoming the Pain of a Breakup

Codependency means always having the need to either be in control or be with someone. Codependency in relationships can lead to a very unhealthy relat...

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